Je mets (I put – I place)

Tu mets (You put – You place – speaking to one person, familiar)

Il met (He puts – He places)

Elle met (She puts – She places)

On met (We put – We place familiar)

Nous mettons (We put – we place)

Vous mettez ( You put – You place polite or several people)

Ils mettent (They put – They place men)

Elles mettent (They put – They place women)

How and when to use “mettre” ? 20 most common uses

Elle met la table

She sets the table

On va se mettre à table

We’re going to sit down to eat

Mina met un bonbon dans sa bouche

Mina puts a candy in her mouth

Maman met le gâteau au four

Mum puts the cake in the oven

Mets ta main dans ta poche

Put your hand in your pocket

Je mets ma confiance en toi !

I am trusting you

Il met ses pieds dans l’eau

He puts his feet in the water

Je ne mets pas de maquillage

I don’t wear make-up

Mets tes chaussures

Put your shoes on

Il met ses vêtements

He puts on his clothes

Je mets mes lunettes

I put my glasses on

Tu mets ta chemise

You put your shirt on

Nous mettons nos jeans

We put our jeans on

Je mets mon uniforme

I put on my uniform

Ils mettent leurs manteaux

They put their coats on

Tu mets tes gants

You put your gloves on

Il met son cahier sur le bureau

He puts his notebook on the desk

Vous mettez trop de temps

You take too long

Mettez vos crayons sur la table

Put your pencils on the table